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PVS14 Night Vision Goggle Monocular Hunting Scope

PVS14 Night Vision Goggle Monocular Hunting Scope

PVS14 Night Vision Goggle Monocular Hunting Scope

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If you're looking for a multifunctional night vision monocular, then you've come to the end of your search. The PVS14 Night Vision Goggle Monocular, a night vision device for observing objects in the dark or weak light, is the right fit for the job. With this device, you can observe items that are at least 200M away and in the dark too!

And that's not it. The PVS14 Night Vision Goggle Monocular has other digital functions that allow you to use it as a telescope during the day, giving you full-color output on the display screen. Turning on the infrared light at night makes the complimentary light a black-and-white screen. With it, you can directly observe objects in the dark and even take photos and videos of the observed content.

The PVS14 Night Vision Goggle Monocular with the new generation of image enhancement tube allows you to do all these in an almost black environment. It even has a playback function.

A Perfect illuminator for even the die-hard night adventure enthusiast, the PVS14 Night Vision Goggle Monocular is suitable for hunting; shooting; reconnaissance; safety and surveillance; camping; exploration; night navigation; night fishing; wildlife observation; hiking, tourism; bird watching; etc.

  • Built-in Infrared Illuminator for up to a 7800 ft/200m viewing distance;
  • Wide-angle design excellent Performance when observing moving targets.
  • Easy to mount, it ensures you are ready for your next evening hunt!
  • IR illuminator you can trust for your long-range infrared lighting needs, especially during the darkest of nights.
  • Built with durability in mind, this quality optic comes with a single rechargeable lithium-ion battery and charger.
  • 200M Range Infrared IR NV Hunting Scope with Mount Night Vision Sights
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